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A clear request might sound something like this, "Would you be willing to make being on time for our dates a priority and be there within ten minutes of the time we set?" Your partner might respond like this, "Oh yea, I will. It's just that I get caught up in things and I lose track of time.You know that the depth of trust and safety in your relationship increases each time you meet stress in this way. OR, you want to learn to relate compassionately to yourself and live your values in all of your relationships.OR, you may be in a well established relationship and experiencing stress and conflict. If this pattern continues, it escalates in a predictable way.You complain more when your partner is late and this complaint then escalates into anger and criticism.

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Your date is explaining the lateness and trying to reassure you that it doesn't mean anything.While you are getting along well now, you know that intimate relationship will eventually bring up every unresolved issue you have and life's stresses will challenge you. You can't make peace with your partner when there is a war in your own mind.You want to be able to meet reactivity and hardship with the compassion and skills that allow you to stay true to yourself and connected in your relationship. You either get angry and say hurtful things or you disappear and shut down. You’ve got a pack of inner voices biting and barking . You need new tools to express honestly while staying in a heart connection.You find yourself taking potshots at your partner about it at random times.

Your partner at first escalates in the apology, possibly even crying.

You are in an emotional pressure cooker, you need time to find a sense of groundedness before responding.