What makes a good online dating headline

30-Oct-2017 22:33

Example – fruit and vegetable store: Before: Apples .50 a kilo After: Do you need to increase your 5-a-day fruit intake?

Make it about the reader: make sure you use the words “you” and “your” as much as possible – and try to avoid “we”, “us” and “our” as much as you can.

That might be what motivates the person who is sharing it, but all that ends up getting shared is the headline.

The headline is what you share with your subscribers, it’s what people see in search results, and it’s what gets passed around.

According to a study published in The Guardian, these changes help your headline’s click-through rate: Using a script, Startup Moon scraped several blogs and organized the posts from most to least shared on social networks.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the most shareable headlines, but it’s probably a good indication that these posts attracted more traffic than usual.

A very popular and very effective way to engage readers is to ask a question in your headline.

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The key to getting your readers’ attention is to engage them.In another study, Ripenn analyzed 2,616 headlines on sites known for their ability to elicit clicks: Buzz Feed, Up Worthy, Viral Nova, and Wimp.