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04-Aug-2017 10:21

I moved all of the data from the temporary server back to the regular server.I got 3 nightly backups out of it before it locked up again and started the familiar failure to boot cleanly behavior.Backups usually hover around 40% usage for the duration of the backup job.Let me reiterate this point: The screen was refreshing and I was getting real time Task Manager updates - until I clicked on the Start menu. In truth, I think the server had already locked up, the video card just hadn't figured it out yet.

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Once I exhausted everything I knew to do, I took a deep breath, booted to the Windows Server 2003 CD and performed a repair installation of Windows.One Friday I got lucky and the server stayed up for its entire full backup.I took this opportunity to restore the full backup to a temporary server I set up and switched all my users to the temporary. I kept all my users on the temporary file server for about 3 weeks.The server came back up fine, with all of my data intact.

I can now reboot the server at will and it will come back up cleanly.

You could turn on debug logging in the Backup Exec remote agent on the file server, though if the filesystem or disk driver is falling down and crashing you probably won't get a debug log written.

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