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Karl tries to distance himself from Sarah, but she falls for him.Karl tells Sarah that he cannot be with her as he loves Susan.Karl becomes friends with his neighbours, Philip Martin (Ian Rawlings) and Lou Carpenter.He starts treating Kate Cornwall (Christie Sistrunk), a patient with an incurable disease.Karl and his family were created by Neighbours storyliners in an attempt to bring the show back to its roots.Karl was given the job of local GP to give him immediate links with other characters. He commented "I am planning to hang around for quite a while longer because I do love it too much, we're talking at the moment about a continuation." Fletcher says he and Woodburne find the scenes "funny".Karl is fined for drink-driving after he has a few glasses of wine at a medical conference and is stopped by the police.He is banned from driving for six months and his fine is doubled when he attends court.

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Karl offers Susan's nephew, Darcy Tyler (Mark Raffety), a job at the surgery and they later become partners.Susan rejects Karl as she cannot remember him and decides to divorce him. Soon after, Susan falls in love with Karl again and they decide to remarry.