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From then until March, the documents state, Shortey "obtained at least one image of John Doe's penis." Then, on or around March 8, the teen messaged Shortey saying, I need money for spring break." The then-lawmaker asked if the teen would be interested in "sexual stuff."Following a tip from John Doe's father, police went looking for the teen at a Super 8 Motel in Moore, Oklahoma, on March 9, at a room rented with Shortey's driver's license and credit card.

When officers knocked, Shortey told them he and the teen were getting dressed."When Shortey opened the door, Doe left the room with his backpack, which contained a bottle of lotion," the police report stated.

"Inside the room, Moore Police offers found Shortey's backpack.

Shortey's backpack contained an open box of condoms and a laptop computer."The report also stated Shortey was in possession of child pornography that "depicts a man engaging in sexually explicit conduct with a prepubescent girl."For LGBTQ advocates in the heartland, Shortey's fall from grace exposed the "family values" politician as a hypocrite.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having sex in a bed, but it can get a little boring after a while.

It’s 2017, we are experimenting with all new and exciting ways to get it on, and having sex on a chair is the new challenge you need to try.

Shortey faces a minimum of 10 years in prison on the child sex trafficking charge.

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Source Okay, you want to be sure that your bae can hold you with this one.If you want to try out some cool new sex positions, take a look at these unique chair sex positions that you should try out ASAP. This is a pretty simple chair sex position, but it's perfect for hitting your g-spot.Have your bae sit on a chair, and then you sit on top, keeping your legs semi-bent.They sit first on a chair, then spread their legs as you sit in between them.

Then, you raise your legs up over their shoulders, having them hold you by your back so you don't fall. Source This one is like the seated bell, but it's a little easier since you have your legs on the ground for balance.

It’s just, you know, one of those things that people have. And, if you do, then that means you have a brand new place to have sex, besides your bed. Since a floor could give you bad rug burn, I suggest a chair.