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In which impertinent curiosity, he was so far satisfied, as to behold a Gentleman of his acquaintance, in a more familiar posture with his wife, than was agreeable to the the Honour of either Party.

To which Diabolical illusion he is said to have given so much credit, that he did not only estrange himself from her society at his coming home, but furnished his next wife with an excellent opportunity for pressing him to the disinheriting of his former Children." On this flimsy evidence, Edward Seymour's wife Catherine was dumped into a convent and her father expected to pay for it.

It could be possible this had been the inspiration to form an excuse to get shot of his wife when he met someone else. Edward's sister Jane is said by some historians, to have been still single as the scandal of her brother's divorce put off her wedding arrangements to William Dormer, but actually Jane and William had fallen in love and become betrothed, when she was 14 and he was 19, which would have been in about 1522 (according to some calculations - however definite ages and dates are not recorded).

William's parents did not approve of the match, and broke the engagement between the young couple, having already arranged for William to marry Mary Sidney.

But at that time no one would have imagined him to ever to one day, reach a position to be ruling England.

In 1534 Edward Seymour, who had once been in service with the Duke of Richmond as his Master of Horse, seems to have felt the need to ditch his wife Catherine, married in 1527, and mother of his 2 sons John and Edward, for a new one, Anne Stanhope. Apparently : " - having been formerly employed in France, he did there acquaint himself with a Learned man, supposed to have great skill in Magics: of whom he obtained, by great rewards and importunities, to let him see, by the help of some Magical perspective, in what Estate all his Relations stood at home.

One of them was Francis Bryan, by now a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber (he had replaced William Carey). He felt sorry for Jane, still single and stuck at home, and tried to find her a husband. Better still, since he did not like Anne, he decided to help Jane attract the King herself. The King stopped off at Wolf Hall, the Seymour family home, on his summer progress without his wife Anne. Anne was annoyed when the King went back again to Wolf Hall on his summer progress the following year, 1535, although she was able to go with him, as this time he brought Jane Seymour back with him to court.

They were fattened by being kept in a black box and fed continuously.

Ortalan are traditionally baked whole and eaten whole, bones, insides and all, stuffed into the mouth with just the head hanging out which was bitten off.

Despite being married to Margery who was attractive enough when young to inspire Skelton to dedicate a poem to her, John Seymour was always chasing women, and was responsible for an illegitimate son born as late as 1535.

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Edward Seymour had been in France in attendance on Mary Tudor in 1514 and on campaign in the war of 1522 - when he was just the right age to be interested in a saucy camera obscura show set up to entertain the troops. Elizabeth, was married at the age of 13 to Sir Anthony Oughtred, Governor of Jersey, and Dorothy married Sir Clement Smythe (or Smith). Jane, the eldest daughter, was left on the shelf still living with her mum and dad.

Edward Seymour's new wife Anne Stanhope, a pushy type of woman, seized the advantage.

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