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C) It is self-evident that an employee who is satisfied with his working conditions is more productive than one who is dissatisfied.The employer-worker relationship is one of the essential components of a positive working environment.The Ramban, was, of course, referring to Torah--but we are sure he would be quite pleased with someone learning how to better themselves and their Bein Adam LChaveiro in the above way--which is part of Torah(! As soon as the Chofetz Chaims mind began to develop, he practiced what he learned. 169)It is interesting to note that some commentaries explain that the reason that the Kohen was the only person who could declare a Metzorah Tamei or Tahor was because Ki Sifsei Kohen Yeshmiru Daasthe lips of the Kohen guard knowledge, in which the Navi alludes to the fact that the Kohanim were especially circumspect in their speech--and therefore were especially designated to determine whether a person needed tikun in this area as well. Since our communication with others forms such an important part of our lives, it is essential that we continuously enhance our words--so that we continuously enhance our lives.

This is inferred from the verse, Purchase food from them with silver..Hashem your God has blessed you with your handiwork (Devarim 2:6).As we are in the midst of the Sefirah period in which we are careful to practice important Minhagim relating to the period, we remember that the students of Rebbi Akiva were Niftar during this period for not according the proper respect to each other.