Free dating site put away your credit card away

08-Sep-2017 02:18

I would like my money reimbursed please your web site took money from my debt card for 2 transactions , one was 19.99 and the second was for 36.41.

i have not do anything to be charged and dispute and will contact my Andigo CU to not except these charges.

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BUT I then noticed that on the 6 th November and 7th December £79.00 and £84.00 was taken by Skinrevitsupport. post date 11/24 Trans Date 11/24, Reference 7549290A84GQEW611 can you email me back at [email protected] I had a coffee machine purchased from your site on the 28/11/17, was charged 5.72 for a De Longhi coffee machine, I have one reply saying it was coming but nothing since, please refund my funds ref no 112900994710, I have all the details to pass onto the ombudsman. Call the bank, blocked the card and now opening a dispute.I've never heard of this company nor have I bought or received anything.I don't know how they were able to get my credit card details either as I'm very careful and don't save my credit card ever.My bank asked me if this was correct I didn’t realise they had changed the amount, looks like this is a fake site will see what bank say. Does anyone know or have dealt with a company calling themselves colorfulshopping, I purchased a sewing machine from them was sent email with shipping details .....since then nothing, unable to get onto their web site and yes your right no sewing machine ?

I got charged on my account for services I have never used or seen before.

10 months since the first one: SDL*SDXBILL-28,24 €Achat internet / VAD du 16/04/2017 à 09h11 16617055020I want a full refund!

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