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That we don't have any is actually weirder than her having one." "Oh, I know. You'll be proud of my restraint but I didn't just reach out and touch it." "I guess that's just how enlightened you are, right? " "Oh yeah, she'd just had it done in the last year or so and it was still pretty fresh. I guess that's a conversation starter in some contexts." She chuckled a bit and said, "yeah, it was for me. that girl likes her own tits at least as much as the average guy, right? So, then you have to add in that I like them on other people at least as much as the average horndog guy." "Now, that's a point I'd have to contend with. Average guy sees a nipple and he can't think beyond the Neanderthal level. "I mean, even given the self-love I spotted you there, you'd have to rate the average guy a bit more obsessed since he doesn't even get the free peek that you get for yourself, so we'd have to assume he's a bit more motivated, no? A woman in her late-40s, dark red hair pulled back in a ponytail and into what must have been a double-digit rep given the level of effort, caught my attention. "Yeah, of course, I mean that's-" "Doesn't matter who she is, but where we are is a little relevant," Michelle said with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. so I come to." "You mean, you work out here because you like to hang out with the woman doing squats? Like do you work with her or something, or did you just strike up one of those gym friendships? I mean, there are days when I catch myself in the mirror and give it a good 'Dayum.' So, we can start with... I have some experience with my own cognitive downshift, and I'm one of the more... " "Seems like a decent standard, but I'm still not sure how you imagine that you are more into tits than even the average dude," I offered. " I followed her gaze to a squat machine at the edge of the main floor. And." "Well, that chick right there comes to this gym...

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And then you've got your every nipple is cause for walking into doors and walls and drooling and such. I know exercise is important and all, but I'd rather go for a run outside. Turns out she's not at all shy about changing in the locker rooms and then heading to the showers. By week two, I'd made sure we were taking the same classes or at least had coordinated workout times.

I still didn't expect to be having this conversation with Michelle.

We'd been out a several times, gone to dinner, gone to concerts, and spent a few nights at her place, but we were still figuring each other out.

"Of course, you do," she turned to face me at the juice bar.

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"I'm just saying you don't like tits as much as I do." "Well, how do you figure that Michelle? I mean, sometimes a guy would grunt at me and point out that one of the ladies was particularly attractive. " "Well, that sparked a reaction," she said with eyebrow firmly arched. You don't have any, unless I missed something." "Er... I mean, they can be cool, but I don't have any and I note that you don't either. I mean, she doesn't seem like the type to have a tattoo, necessarily. I don't want to blow my chances or anything." She was joking... but I knew her well enough now to know that she more meant it than didn't. I'd have gotten you to spot me when I did the free weights." "Oh you know, I'm around from time to time. "I'd give you a hug but I'm awfully sweaty right now.

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