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Many companies eventually switched to a lighter or "electric" blue that would show up on light and dark fabrics.A few companies used green ink or the Silver-Tex process.At the beginning of this period many transfers were perforated patterns -- the design was composed of small holes in the paper and transferred to fabric by forcing black powder through the holes.Embroidery designs transferred to linens by rubbing and/or moistening the pattern made a brief early appearance, but the hot iron process quickly became the norm.So whether you're looking for breathtakingly intricate motifs for heirloom embroidery, authentic designs for period costumes, particular motifs to complement a collecting interest, or a comical design to enliven your kitchen towels, there's a huge assortment of vintage designs waiting to be rediscovered.

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brand transfers have been produced by The Colonial Co.

A flat ink transfer, especially if red, may be a multi-stamp pattern that fades as the transfer is used.

But if the flat ink is blue, yellow or green, it's probably a single-use transfer that has been used.

Most companies produced hot-iron transfers that were single-use -- the unused pattern had raised ink that transferred to the fabric.

If the design is composed of small dots, it's a Numo style pattern.

You may also come across transfers that have a black and red banner and the same graphics, but an American Thread Co. These are the same transfers -- and the tissue sheets are identical.