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04-Nov-2017 19:45

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He lived close by, seemed fairly normal and to my surprise my girlfriend had chosen a guy that from his pictures seemed to have an enormous cock. Hi, So I have wanted to be cuckolded for a long time now...

But I fall into to a smaller section of this kink where I want her (my wife) to cheat on me the first time.

I want her to want to fuck another guy and not have to tell her to do it.

The problem is though is that my wife was brought up to be very repressed about sex.

This friend she visited as an excuse to visit Steve since he happened to be in the same buliding.

- Do not worry, if you threaten her to repeat what she will be silent as a fish! He is pretty much allways single, but fucks alot of chicks and he has a 'stable' of hotties that he hangs out with on kind of a regular basis. Hi, Many stories are erotic and lots of them are downright fucking fun that deserve to be shared.

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(I can't speak from he perspective of the adult child, unfortunately. My grandfather became a widow after 20 years of marriage (and three kids).… continue reading »

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Add rampant local corruption to the tale and sadness becomes the overarching narrative.… continue reading »

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