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The tourism ministry estimates that one-quarter of Cambodia's annual 400,000 visitors – who include 18,000 Britons – are sex tourists.

The girls are getting younger all the time, a trend fuelled by the demand for virgins.

Tourists are occasionally arrested; a 69-year-old Staffordshire man, Derek Baston, was picked up with a girl aged 12 last July. But according to Afesip, a French charity that rescues child prostitutes, most foreigners buy their way out of trouble.

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The air is full of American drawls, Australian twangs – and the unmistakable sound of a Geordie accent.

"If you molest children overseas and we find out, we will investigate you and we will seek to bring you back here to face justice. Now, he and two other California pedophiles are returning to Los Angeles on a jet departing from Tokyo.

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