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Considering how great Hostel: Part II was, this one certainly has potential. "The story concerns a Vegas bachelor party that turns grisly, Hostel-style" according to one review site. Ralphus - and now that you have been tasked by Nia and realize your mission is to continue doing God's work we can all chime in with an "Amen".

Covers - just wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed the witch themed paperbacks you have featured the last few days.

To Jane and Margot: I have been eagerly anticipating Maleficarum, that I mean I CAN'T WAIT. Or how about a branding crucifixion stretching combo from Day of Wrath? ------- Sloth wrote: ...speaking of our friend Brutus - have you heard from him - he seems to have taken an extended hiatus and I miss his input.

Incredibly sexy women (check), actual uncut naked torture scenes (check), and a NAKED BATS SCENE!!!! I checked the archives and saw that he posted frequently in early July, but then disappeared from the board.

Stay well all Ralphus you can not quit, even though I mostly lurk, this is the first page I go to everyday to check what's going on.

This is the most informative place for my passions in the world.

This topic is just too taboo for us to have enough source material for 20 good posts a day.

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) are perfect examples of what makes this a special place. BTW, manga are Japanese comics; anime is animation. the comic book version of the anime video would be Manga). However, the issue of obscenity is a different matter. At the same time, when I read many of comments on other websites, it only increases my appreciation of The GIMP. I am certainly willing to plead guilty to not complimenting John Galt and others who take the time and effort to post the excellent reviews.Let's face it, some of those places seem to attract semi-literate and often scary commenters.

I fully understand how frustrating it must be to see the number of hits relative to the number of contributors, but it is hard for me to get too upset when I consider how unique our forum really is with respect to the respect that we have for the artists and the level of intelligence and thoughtfulness that is expressed by contributors. If there are more former lurkers out there like Nia, please step forward.I don't know about everyone else here, but for me most of what they post over there isn't worthy of discussion.