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Ali is put forward as a candidate to be the next MP for Staines and manages to alienate most who cross his path.

During a debate with his rival candidate, Ali tries to insult his rival by claiming that he "sucked off a horse," but the rival did do it and Ali wins.

Out of his depth as a Member of Parliament, Ali's bizarre behaviour and solutions seem to work.

He visits a customs checkpoint in Dover, as a delegate compiling a report.

Ali accompanies the Prime Minister to a United Nations peace conference to avert war between the French-speaking African nations of Chad and Burkina Faso.

The United States and Russia back opposite countries and both threaten nuclear attacks.

Because the film fills in missing elements of the Ali G myth (he's Alistair Leslie Graham and he met "me Julie" in his Goth days at a local disco), the character might now have nowhere left to go.

But that doesn't matter because Ali G Indahouse strikes while the iron is hot and the jokes are still funny.

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After he goes on a hunger strike and is spotted chained to some railings by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Deputy Prime Minister David Carlton, he is drawn into a world of political intrigue, as the Deputy Prime Minister tries to use Ali as a tool to destroy the Prime Minister's credibility.The West Staines Massiv race to find the master copy of the CCTV tape proving the former Prime Minister's innocence, extending the olive branch to the gangs of Staines and Berkshire to help them break into the vaults and retrieve the tape.

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