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10-Oct-2017 19:39

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Garcia’s a gifted storyteller, and this well-crafted, high-tension novel will delight X-Files fans and newbies alike! Hawes: Scully’s origin story, was editing three anthologies of original X-Files short stories. I told him I didn’t have time to do a nine-season re-watch because I was on a deadline.Please enjoy BCB’s discussion with this very talented author. When Jonathan told me I wouldn’t have to because I’d be writing about teenage Mulder, I couldn’t say no. Jonathan had pitched it before but for various reasons it didn’t go forward.Some children go to school having heard 32 million fewer words than their peers – this is known as 'word poverty'.By the time these children get to school, they’re already playing catch up.No matter what, he knows he has to save the other children even though he wasn’t able to save a thrilling trip through light, darkness, belief, doubt, terror, and hope.It’s long been acknowledged as a central part in gaining and maintaining children’s attention. However, new studies are also showing that the more elongated the vowel sounds, the more this encourages a child to babble.

However, in their origin stories, they are more similar in nature.

However, it’s also important to acknowledge that it isn’t just the speaking, but giving the child the chance to babble back that will help their language skills progress. The next time you chat with a child, stretch out your vowel sounds, speak slowly and give the child plenty of time to answer you back.

Language development is a conversation and the more we give children a chance to play with speech and speech sounds, the more we’re helping to develop their speaking and communication skills.

This time they got really excited about elaborating the origin stories for Scully and Mulder, beginning to wonder where it could go next.

They liked working with Jonathan and loved my story.

How many times have we all heard the message about the importance of talking to children?

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